Get Fighting Out of Hockey? No Way

Posted 03/11/2009 - 11:41 by HockeyPolls

The other night, I had the privilege of attending a Toronto Maple Leafs game, albeit facing the lowly New York Islanders—but a Leafs game none the less. 

We had 12th row from the ice in the Leafs zone, right above the goal line on the Maple Leafs bench side.

As the introduction began and the game started to be played, an often heard phrase was not about the game but about the hopes of a fight breaking out right in front of us. Thanks goes out to Phil Oreskovic and Tim Jackman for being willing to dance and accommodate so many.

Guy Carbonneau's Decisions Cost Him Canadiens Coaching Job

Posted 03/10/2009 - 14:13 by HockeyPolls

Montreal Canadiens General Manager Bob Gainey recently decided it was time for a change at the head coaching position after going 5-4-1 in the last 10 games.

Those 10 games were not that bad, were they? Of those five wins, four of them were basically stolen by goalie Jaroslav Halak making 40+ saves every time.

So, what went so wrong after a good start to the season for ousted coach Guy Carbonneau and his team?

Gary Roberts Announces Retirement from NHL: End of an Era of Excellence


Those five letters have become much more than a catchy slogan or a witty show of fan support for a professional athlete.

"What Would Gary Roberts Do?" has become a nigh-unfallible problem-solving philosophy.

Alright, maybe I'm exaggerating just a little, but when you talk about the epitome of a professional hockey player, you talk about Gary Roberts.

Integrity, passion, desire, work ethic, skill, knowledge, leadership, intimidation, and grit all packaged into the body of a 42-year-old, 22-year veteran of the National Hockey League.

Pittsburgh Penguins' Winning Streak Adds to Eastern Conference Gridlock

As of the morning of March 10, seven points separate seven teams tussling for the bottom five Eastern Conference playoff berths.

From the Philadelphia Flyers, in the No. 4 spot with 80 points, down to the Buffalo Sabres, who are still clinging to hope in 10th position with 73, uncertainty and immediacy will rule the next five weeks.

As close to literally right in the middle as possible (only because you can't have 76.5 points) is the National Hockey League's hottest club, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Fletcher Era: Jeff Finger

Posted 03/10/2009 - 13:29 by HockeyPolls

Looking back on the busy offseason for the Toronto Maple Leafs, many fans either praise or harshly criticize the moves made by interim general manager Cliff Fletcher.

Arguments have ranged from the trading away of Bryan McCabe, the signing of Niklas Hagman, or the acquiring of rookie Mikail Grabovski from the Montreal Canadiens.

Boston Bruins Fans Have No Need To Panic

Posted 03/10/2009 - 11:41 by HockeyPolls

After snapping a three-game losing streak on Saturday, the Boston Bruins lost their third game this month to the New York Rangers, 4-3, at Madison Square Garden.

Manny Fernandez was between the pipes  for the B's—and the struggles for the net-minder continued, stopping just 26-of-30 shots he faced. Fernandez has now lost his last five games, and six out of his last seven games started.

Are the Stars Coming Back Out?

Posted 02/17/2009 - 22:26 by HockeyPolls

Well, we're not doing too badly here. 2nd in the Pacific, a solid 59 points, the fourth seed in the Western Conference overall. Still, there's that little defensive in, we really haven't scored quite as many goals as we've given up!

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