Are the Stars Coming Back Out?

Posted 02/17/2009 - 22:26 by HockeyPolls

Well, we're not doing too badly here. 2nd in the Pacific, a solid 59 points, the fourth seed in the Western Conference overall. Still, there's that little defensive in, we really haven't scored quite as many goals as we've given up!

I know we've been surging of late, and we just pounded those yanks for double-digit goals in one game, but we've still got a losing record on the road. That ain't good for playoff time. Turco's GAA is nearly 3.00, which I think sucks. Our point leader only has 13 goals and is at a +/- of -4--helping make my point about shoddy defensive play. Yeah, yeah, I know a lot of you are saying Ribeiro is back and on fire, but let's see him sustain this through the rest of the season and on into the playoffs.

Then there's that Avery guy...well, at least they are getting rid of him, after they agreed to pay him over $15 million. I'm not really sold on the idea that the suspension was warranted, but then again the dude should have kept this mouth shut. We might have been doing better by now if we'd had his talent on the ice instead of on ice. He's a great hitter and a potential 20-goal scorer.

Eriksson's a good sniper over on the wing, but he's pretty limited to that role; and Richards and Modano still look decent but nothing spectacular. Morrow's out for the remainder of the season, of course. Can we sustain this recent surge in our balanced attack? I do expect us to win a seeding for the playoffs, but I would like it to be as high as or higher than it is now.