Meet Bruins Legend Milt Schmidt: The NHL's Oldest Living Former Player

WESTWOOD, Mass. — Imagine a hockey player born in the 16 months between John F. Kennedy and Ted Williams, who impacted his game as much as JFK transformed politics or Teddy Ballgame mastered hitting.

Classic Throwback Uniforms for Each Current NHL Club

Posted 02/19/2015 - 10:57 by HockeyPolls

Here's a non-slideshow look at a traditional or throwback uniform for each current NHL franchise. Some of them haven't changed all that much in all the years the Stanley Cup has been awarded to the league playoff champion, except for colors. Others, meanwhile, have been a radical departure from the norm or even in a different guise. 


Anaheim Ducks

Ranking the Best All-Stars in Montreal Canadiens History

Posted 01/23/2015 - 08:35 by HockeyPolls

The Montreal Canadiens have a storied history that includes countless All-Stars who have played in the game since it was held during the 1947-48 season. 

The Habs have had so many great players that it's almost unfair to try and rank the best All-Stars, but we're going to try anyway, taking into account All-Star Game appearances, career stats and accomplishments. 

Here are the top five Montreal Canadiens All-Stars in the history of the organization. 

5 Trades the Montreal Canadiens Never Should Have Made

Posted 03/04/2014 - 08:45 by HockeyPolls

As the NHL trade deadline nears, fans of the Montreal Canadiens are waiting anxiously to see what the team will do. It is in a precarious spot, stuck between being buyers and sellers.

They could certainly use outside help, especially on offense. A scoring winger would help the team's playoff chances.

Yet they also have a few pending free agents who might not re-sign with the squad this summer. Trading them now would fetch a nice return. 

How We Remember the Philadelphia Flyers-Red Army Game 38 Years Later

Posted 01/02/2014 - 21:49 by HockeyPolls

It’s hard to believe that next week will mark the 38th anniversary of the famous Flyers exhibition against the Soviet Red Army. The game was played at the Spectrum on January 11, 1976, and it was one of the proudest moments in Flyers history.

The 5 Moments That Make Every Montreal Canadiens Fan Nostalgic

Posted 12/24/2013 - 07:55 by HockeyPolls

Montreal Canadiens fans have been treated to some incredible moments that bring back feelings of nostalgia each time they're relived. 

Over their 104-year history, the Habs have seen some of the greatest players in the history of the game pull on the red, white and blue jersey. These stars helped to create some wonderful memories that continue to withstand the test of time. 

Here are the top five moments that make every Montreal Canadiens fan nostalgic. 

The 5 Biggest Villains in Montreal Canadiens History

The Montreal Canadiens have never been known as one of the tougher teams in the NHL. Instead, they have a storied history based around skilled players and the championships they brought to the city.

Among these stars, however, have also been some villainous characters, ranging from dirty players everyone hated playing against to brute enforcers, who were some of the toughest in hockey history. 

Ranking the 5 Most Unbelievable Moments in Montreal Canadiens History

The Montreal Canadiens have had some unbelievable moments in their 104-year history. 

From amazing individual milestones to events that changed hockey forever, the Canadiens' history is full of unforgettable occasions. Some of these moments delighted fans, others enraged them and a few were downright tragic. 

Here are the top five moments in the history of the Montreal Canadiens. 

5 Signs That You're a Diehard Washington Capitals Fan

Posted 08/12/2013 - 05:13 by HockeyPolls

Since the Washington Capitals entered the National Hockey League back in 1974, the team has, for the most part, had the consistent support of a reasonably devoted fanbase. 

Yes, it's worth noting that D.C. is without question a town that supports its Redskins first, but at least since the 2004-05 NHL lockout, the Capitals have certainly made a case to be considered Washington's No. 2 team behind Robert Griffin III and the 'Skins. 

The Most Incredible Stat from Each New York Rangers Star's Career

Posted 08/09/2013 - 12:08 by HockeyPolls

The dog-days of summer present us with a unique opportunity to look back on the careers of some of the more high-profile New York Rangers.

With a host of accomplished veterans on the roster, there are plenty of notable accomplishments to highlight.

But we’ll focus in on the five biggest stars employed by the Rangers and present to you the most impressive stat from their respective careers as a professional or a prospect in juniors.

Check them out after the jump.

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