Red Wings: Ranking the 6 Brightest Futures of the Current Red Wings

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For many years, the biggest criticism of the Detroit Red Wings was the age of their players. Their players had immense talent but they were also taking valuable spots from their promising young talent. 

It was also evident that some of these players just saw their skill diminish. Yet management would still try to tap what was left of that talent and then let it hang up the skates. 

7 Storylines to Watch for the Remainder of the Detroit Red Wings Season

An old quote from legendary Tigers Manager Sparky Anderson is applicable in the hockey realm as well:

"You can't tell anything about a baseball team until 40 games have been played."

Different sports, but the same resonating message. In a standard NHL season, judging a team would require around 20 games, but this time around, it's a 12-game mark where fans can start gauging the status of their hockey team.

So far across the league, it's been a season that has experienced every possible outcome. 

NHL: Week 2 Western Conference Power Rankings Based Solely on Performance

It's been another great week of hockey in the ultra-competitive Western Conference. There have been many surprises and exciting games thus far in the second week of the shortened 48-game season. Each game is crucial, but there have been many of those dreaded three-point games that cause parity to be at an extreme high.

After another week, we have a slightly clearer idea of which teams are playing well and which teams aren't. Let's take a look at the Western Conference after the second week of the season.

Detroit Red Wings: Pavel Datsyuk and the Greatest Pass Ever

Detroit Red Wings fans are blessed. They are blessed to be able to watch the wizardry, the magic, dare I say the grace of a (hockey) god that is Pavel Datsyuk. 

Detroit Red Wings: Xavier Ouellet Is Slowly Becoming the Next Best Prospect

A new era of questions on the defense began on April 20. This was the date when the Detroit Red Wings got bounced early from the playoffs in Nashville.

Detroit Red Wings Prospects: Ouellet Makes Canada WJC; Frk Still Red Hot

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Even though the NHL still has its doors closed, the rest of the hockey world is celebrating this joyous time of year. 

Fans of international and minor league hockey are gearing up for the annual World Junior Championship in hopes of seeing their nation capture the Gold.

The American Hockey League has also hit the 20 game mark and some of the game's young stars are proving to be valuable assets to their team's season. 

Detroit Red Wings: Prospect Nyquist Continues Hot Start, Tvrdoň Done for Season

As Americans hit the roads and grandmother's house for their extended Thanksgiving weekend, they have a lot to be thankful for. 

In the case of hockey fans, most are thankful that there is still minor league hockey going on all across the world. The AHL season is now nearing its second full month of games and the junior hockey leagues have just hit their one-third mark to their tedious season.

The international game is also getting into the middle portions of their season. 

Detroit Red Wings' Darren McCarty: 25 Questions for Hockeytown's Favorite 25

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One of the reasons I love sports so much is the human drama that exists in every game. I'm not talking about the contrived drama that exists in the absurdity of the inappropriately titled "reality television." The only legitimate reality programming that exists in the world is on the ice, the field, between the lines or in any arena or sporting competition where the outcome is not predetermined.

Detroit Red Wings: Why 2012-13 Will Be a Make-or-Break Season for Jimmy Howard

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Becoming a starting goaltender in the NHL is truly a cumbersome task. Goaltenders are usually the most criticized players on the ice, yet are also cherished by a truly anxious fan base. 

Most goaltenders grow accustom to the limelight that comes with the position. 

Red Wings Assign Players to Grand Rapids: Why Detroit Has Incredible Depth

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Unfortunately, it has been looking more and more like there will be a lockout come midnight tomorrow. However, if the NHL and NHLPA miraculously grow up within the next day-and-a-half and realize that fans are at least somewhat important, the Detroit Red Wings will be a very interesting team to watch.

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