2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Philadelphia Flyers: 5 Reasons Peter Laviolette Deserves the Jack Adams Award

With only a handful of games remaining in the NHL regular season schedule I'm calling the competition for Coach of the Year and awarding it to the Philadelphia Flyers' Peter Laviolette.  

Sure, a strong case can be made for a few head coaches deserving recognition this year.  Ken Hitchcock has his St. Louis Blues leading the Western Conference standings and the race for the Presidents' Trophy.

BOSTON BRUINS: The Long Hard Road out of Hell—A Tribute to the Champions

During the Boston Bruins championship run of 2011, the entire North American continent gave witness to NHL records and franchise records being set, tied, or broken.

The Bruins became the first team in National Hockey League history to win a seven game playoff series without scoring a power play goal. 

Stanley Cup Finals: Vancouver Canucks Injuries Caught Up to Them

Before delving into the tangled guts of the now very deceased Vancouver Canucks, it should be stated clearly and succinctly that the better team won. Congratulations to that team, the Boston Bruins.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Would Fans Riot in Toronto If Leafs Lost the Stanley Cup?

What you are about to read may or may not offend you, but as a writer I'm expressing my opinions. You have every opportunity to either agree or disagree with me.

As a Canadian, I am entitled to my opinions, and as a fan of hockey, I'm also opinionated!

Boston Bruins: 2010-11 Stanley Cup Champions

I want to say sorry for such a late entry.  I had this written up just an hour after the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup, but there were difficulties with getting a submission.


The prize was on the line on this night, and there was no extra chance for either team.

The series started with the Canucks bagging the first two games in Vancouver.  Both by only one goal.

Stanley Cup Finals 2011: Why the Vancouver Canucks Lost

The Vancouver Canucks were the prohibitive favourite to be the first Canadian team to take home the Stanley Cup in 18 years.

They had the league's best record, power play and penalty kill. They scored more goals than any other team during the regular season. They allowed the fewest.

But they fell one game short of the only thing that really matters.


Stanley Cup Finals 2011: An Open Letter to the Boston Bruins

Posted 06/17/2011 - 10:40 by HockeyPolls

Dear Boston Bruins,

Congratulations on becoming the 2011 Stanley Cup champions!

I don't usually do this sort of thing, but I decided to for a couple of reasons.

2011 Stanley Cup: Will Canucks Take It in Boston or Will Bruins Force Game 7?

So far, all home games were won by the home team.

If the Boston Bruins want a chance at hoisting Lord Stanley's Mug, they will have to keep the trend in Game 6 and then break it in Vancouver for a decisive Game 7.

Roberto Luongo and the New French Connection Are Leading the Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks 1970 expansion brethren Buffalo Sabres had the famed French Connection line of Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin and Rene Robert.

The 2011 edition of the Canucks have their own French Connection.

2011 Stanley Cup Finals: The Redemption of Roberto Luongo

What does Roberto Luongo have to do to earn some respect? 

Win an Olympic gold medal on home ice? Nope, that didn't work.

Well, winning a Stanley Cup would be a start. (But it might not be enough, just ask Chris Osgood.)

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